Telephone Meetings

We host a one hour weekly meeting on Wednesdays - starts at 6:30 pm pacific Anyone may call in and participate if they wish to, or just listen. First names only are used, so anonymity and confidentiality are maintained.

Dial (508)924-1188 - unblock your number when calling in for best results. Mute your phone when you are not sharing so as to keep background noise to a minimum. If you use wi-fi for the call, Video is available. You will have to enable it if you want video chat. The default is voice only. The host will begin the meeting at the specified time, and use the format below.

We hope there will be volunteers to host other meetings as it would be great to see daily meetings come to fruition. The host commitment can be for six months with hopes of others stepping up to volunteer to host later.
Please contact us at for information about hosting or any questions/comments.
Another number available to chat or meet: dial (712) 770-5605, then enter access code #209992. Pick a day and time, invite a few friends, and let us know so we can reserve a spot for your group.


  12 Steps    12 Traditions      Preamble of OO

Suggested Format

Open with prayer - leader or volunteer

  1. meeting protocol:
    • - We are here for our mutual recovery , so speak only when the leader recognizes you and wait for others to finish sharing.
    • - please keep your phone in "mute" mode (*6) when not sharing, to reduce background noise.
    • - Avoid offering suggestions or methods of fixing another person's problems, allowing individuals to experience their pain without your interference
    • - Abusive, obscene, or other disruptive language or actions will result in the caller being blocked from participation in the current meeting.
    • - Questions can be handled AFTER the meeting so that sharing will not be interrupted. 
    • - If you have used alcohol or any mood-altering chemical within the past 24 hours, we ask you not to share until after the meeting.
  2. introductions/newcomers
  3. Volunteers (or host) to read OO Preamble and 12 steps with Scriptures
  4. Serenity prayer - a volunteer leads, and all others mute phones (*6) then pray along
  5. Steps with study scriptures. or
    Topics with scriptures. Read a scripture (host may assign one), share on the verse, how it applies to you today (five minute limit on discussions),
  6. Last 5 Minutes, Leader reads: "We pass the basket to help support the O.O. Central Office. In sending contributions to support the O.O. Central Office, we not only have a chance to give something back for all we have been given, but we also provide the means necessary to carry the message of HOPE and recovery in Christ to people around the world."
    To send in "pass the basket" contributions, use this button:
    or look for Overcomers Outreach on Venmo for virtual 7th Tradition contributions. "Visit the the website to make contributions, purchase literature, or for more information., or mail to Overcomers Outreach, 6528 Greenleaf Ave., Suite 223, Whittier, CA  90601. Personal donations are tax-deductible." Then  leader or volunteer reads the 12 Traditions of OO.
  7. Ask for a leader for the next meeting (optional) - Close with Lord's Prayer

 "After the meeting" discussions encouraged to exchange phone numbers and provide additional support.  (call this time "in the parking lot")

Visit the Study site "The Bridge" for more study and discussion material

and steps with scriptures.