Our Mission

Overcomers Outreach is a ministry that was born out of a deep need of a support system for individuals and families within evangelical Christian churches. Overcomers Outreach support groups use the Bible and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to minister to individuals who are affected by alcohol, mind altering drugs, sexual addiction, gambling, food and other compulsive behaviors or dependencies. Family members are welcome at our meetings. The message is based on the Bible and the ministry is motivated by the love of God. The mission of Overcomers Outreach is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting, and meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Overcomers Outreach is a bridge between the church and Traditional 12 Step programs.

Overcomers Outreach is a Bridge

Overcomers Outreach provides a two-way BRIDGE between traditional 12-Step support groups and people within churches of all denominations.

O.O. Support Groups

The support group participants, whatever their need, find the extra care and encouragement necessary to grow beyond the wounds of life's battles, the difficulties in family relationships, the bondage of addictive habits and behaviors, and the isolation caused by shame. OO meetings are filled with the faith, hope, and love that only God can provide through Christ.

Overcomers Outreach support groups are sharing groups, not therapy groups. Lay people facilitate the groups, and anyone who has been working a 12-Step recovery program for at least one year can lead an O.O. meeting. We utilize the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous along with Scriptures. The groups speak freely about our "higher power" in the person of Jesus Christ.

The group can evolve into a close family relationship where truth is shared, and where God's power can freely heal the brokenness in our lives.

O.O. Networks Recovery!

OO meetings operate independent of the local church but within the Body of Christ. OO recognizes and supports participation in the recovery community. The meetings provide Christ-centered, recovery support and fellowship for those whose quality of life has suffered due to problems such as:

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