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Bridging the Gap Between 12 Step Groups and Churches of All Denominations

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The Birthday Page   
Happy Birthday to all! 

The names listed below  express their gratitude for Overcomers Outreach by making an annual donation of $1 for every year of abstinence, sobriety, and/or participation at meetings and events. At this time we would like to congratulate them for blessings received and help celebrate the presence of our Lord and Savior in our lives.
I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13(NIV)


If you would like to add a name to the list online, 

use this button to

or send your information to:

12828 Acheson Dr.
Whittier, CA  90601

All donations are fully Tax Deductible and most cherished


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Celebrating  milestones in 2013 - Congratulations!

name birthday group
Enrique 8/2/2010

San Fernando, CA
Jack E 4/11/2009

Burley, ID group
Peggy M 1/12/2009

San Fernando, CA
Mark T 10/30/2008

Cathedral City, CA
Maryann V 7/29/2008

Kevin M 4/02/2008

San Fernando, CA
Mario V 4/28/2007

Fred D 6/15/2006

Burley, ID group
Rocky J 12/08/2006

S. Lake Tahoe, CA
Darla W 10/3/2003

Burley, ID group
Jeff M 7/4/2002

Rick H 7/15/2002

Burley, ID group
Bob B 3/17/2002

Lockport, IL
Jennifer B 9/01/2001

Lockport, IL
Helen R 8/01/2000

Fountain Valley, CA
David T 8/19/1998

Sunset Park OO, St Helens, OR
Frank R 1/7/1991

Fresno, CA
Dan B 3/28/1990

S. Lake Tahoe, CA
Ralph M 11/23/1989

Spiritual awareness group-Elizabeth, NJ
Rita A 3/18/1989

Burley, ID group
Bill D 11/5/1988

Porter Ranch
Shareon H 9/12/1988

Mack's Inn, ID
Cecilia E 5/13/1988

Sequim, WA
Ed J 2/22/1988

San Juan Capistrano, CA
Linde C 10/05/1987

Colorado Springs, CO
Annie H 6/1/1986

Cypress, TX
Elayne B 4/21/1986

Center Cross Caring Center Group, Tulsa, OK
Jim B 05/09/1985

Center Cross Caring Center Group, Tulsa, OK
Verda B 04/24/1984

Scottsdale Group, AZ
Judy H 9/19/1982

Cathedral City
Bette K 8/21/1981

Simi Valley, CA
Shirley B 5/10/1981

Canon City, CO
John H 3/22/1981

Cathedral City
Bob M 6/10/1980

Des Moines, WA
Pauline B 9/1/1973

Don B 1/25/1972

Sun City, AZ
Louie L 6/26/1971

San Fernando, CA
Lon A 12/29/1969

Colorado Springs, CO

Showing 807 years of participation so far!


Group Anniversaries

If your group sends a 7th Tradition donation, let us know the start date of your group with your next donation and we will post it. Otherwise, ask your group to pitch in $1 per year for the time the meeting has been open and send us the start date to post. When we have enough, we will be starting a separate page. We are growing, you know.

Group Start Date
Pike's Peak Christian Church 2/15/2012

Baton Rouge, LA 2/1/2011

New Beginnings, Simi Valley, CA 11/3/2009

Pike's Peak Baptist group, Colorado Springs, CO 3/28/2008

Crosspoint Community Overcomers, Oconomowoc, WI 5/01/2004

Lockport, IL 3/1/2001

Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, CA 10/1/2000

Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO 1/29/1999

Cuxhaven, Germany 3/7/1999

Spiritual Change group-Elizabeth, NJ 1/16/1997

The Missing Peace- Ventura, CA 1/3/1995

S. Lake Tahoe, CA Friday Morning 6/3/1994

Lincoln, NE Tuesday Night 1/1/1992

"Steps Of Faith", Cypress, TX 1/1/1991

S. Lake Tahoe, CA Tuesday Night 1/2/1990

Greensboro, NC 5/28/90

Yorba Linda, CA 9/5/1989

La Grange Bible Church, La Grange, IL 8/2/1989

Skelley Drive Church, Tulsa, OK 2/22/1988

Whittier, CA Group 10/1/1977